Camile - Coconut Milk

A little comic take on the process of making Coconut Milk as an april fools for the kind folks of Dublin based Thai Take-Out Camile. Lots of fun had down in Causey Farm, Co. Meath making this piece. 


Press Release from Camile on the day:

"Taking our commitment to using locally sourced ingredients to new extremes, we are delighted to announce the launch of Ireland's first domestically-produced coconut milk. Developed in conjunction with a team of experts from Teagasc, Bord Bia and Science Foundation Ireland, the revolutionary technique involves substituting hay in the diets of Irish Dairy cows with fresh coconuts. The result is a delicately flavoured coconut flavoured milk, rich in energy and protein. The taste is indistinguishable from Coconut milk made from Coconuts grown in tropical rain forests, but is about 50% cheaper to produce; it also contains in the region of 20% less fat. We are currently using Irish coconut milk in our tasty Chiang Mai and Massaman curries and plan to introduce the ingredient across the menu by May 2014."


Cast & Crew

Presenter : Dani Robinson 

Farmer : Ger Duffy

Director / Producer / Camera / Edit / Graphics : Paul Mahon

Location Sound: Clark Wickstone

Producer : Daniel Greene



First video edited on Final Cut Pro X


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2014 / Color / 16:9 / 1080p / 01:30