After being offered a support slot to Icelandic band Amiina, for the 2009 Kilkenny Arts Festival at St Canices Cathedral, Paul Mahon put together a Geppetto live band consisting of Colm O Caoimh, Jeremy Hickey and Jane Murphy.


After this one off gig and so as not to be lost in the oblivion of time, these original tracks were recorded down by Stephen White and Greg Clooney from Windmill Lane Studios.

While not there during the live proformance Margie Lewis joined the studio outfit to add some voilin and vocal flare.


Paul Mahon (Guitar & Kaossilator) 

Colm O Caoimh (Piano) 

Jeremy Hickey (Drums) 

Jane Murphy (Cello) 

Margie Lewis (Violin & Vocals)


Produced, Mixed, Mastered by Stephen White 

Recorded by Greg Clooney at Windmill & Pulse, Dublin



Returning to the Kilkenny Arts Festival 2011 without a band, The finished EP was presented as two short films along with a live solo track. 


"Storm in a Teacup" being the main piece of the show is a collaborative project between actor - Joe Lydon, Fashion Designer - Zoe Carol Wong and Model - Naomi Coyle, among all the others who made it happen.


"Storm in a Teacup" also went on to preview at various other film and fashion festivals.