Days take on the same order. Breakfast sterilised by the normality of form and function, devoid of music and animation except for the scraping lines of carefully placed utensils. Nights never differ.Eric likes to wreak havok and play with the function in order to mess things up a bit, make it interesting for his puppeteer, throw caution to the wind and live a little.

Eric also loves the ladies, he has the swagger, the charm, the disco moves.

Together these two unlikely companions make one person, both setting their sites on the one girl.. but who will get her and what lengths will they go to?


Previous Screenings:

Red Kermlin Short Film Night 2011

Canadian International Film Festival 2012

Le Cool "Full Screen" 2012

Eat My Shorts 2012

IDeate Festival, Kilkenny 2013

2011 / Color / 16:9 / 1080p / 10:00