The Et Cetera Project is twofold an EP of Musical recordings and an exhibition of Photography inspired by the salutary tale of the Rapa Nui people of Easter Island. This is the fascinating story of the collapse of a society in isolation and of their total dedication to the creation of the Moai statues.


The deforestation and depletion of the island’s natural resources required to build the Moai led inexorably to the demise of a once­flourishing civilisation. They constructed themselves out of existence...


The photography captures Ireland’s Power Stations and how these as our Moai, standing stubborn, sea­facing and completely depleting a finite natural resource.


The parallels between Easter Island and our modern world, with regard to consumption and our throwaway living suggested the name ‘Et Cetera’ ­ literally meaning ‘and other things’. It posits a future ahead that begins to resemble a worst­case scenario... 


01. Floating Statues

Vocal / Lyrics : i am niamh
Guitar / Bass / Synth : Paul Mahon

Percussions / Synth : Jeremy Hickey

Acoustic Guitar / Glockenspiel : Owenie


02. Seventeen TwentyTwo

Vocal / Lyrics : Louise Gaffney

Guitar / Bass / Synth : Paul Mahon

Percussions : Jeremy Hickey


03. The Drowning

Violin : Rachel Boyd

Guitar / Synth : Paul Mahon

Percussions / Synth : Jeremy Hickey

Piano : i am niamh


04. Endgame

Spoken Word : Martin Bridgeman

Poetry : Robert Connolly
Guitar / Bass / Synth : Paul Mahon

Percussions : Jeremy Hickey

Synth : Conan Wynne



Composed : Paul Mahon

Co­-Produced : Paul Mahon, Jeremy Hickey, Conan Wynne

Instrumental recording / Arrangement : Jeremy Hickey

Mixed : Conan Wynne
Drum recording : Mark Connaughton
Vocal recording : Conan Wynne
Mastering : Wav Mastering
Cover Photo : Ricardo Kump