Tanoki - Loading (Feat Farah Elle)



Stafford Kelly

Turlough Kelly

Shot & Edited : Paul Mahon

Location : Thomastown, Kilkenny

For Release 26th February 2021

Kilkenny-based songwriter, producer, and visual artist Tanoki is set to release a new single “Loading.” It is the first single off upcoming album File New. The song features experimental electro sounds building to a relentless funk groove. Hypnotic vocals from Farah Elle and jazz elements are joined by a perfect blend of real and synthetic instruments, with slick production by Tanoki.


The song came about with Tanoki playing a beat and some melodic ideas to Farah, who jammed on top of it with piano. Tanoki went and produced the beat, and the pair continued working on vocals. 


Having directed Farah for a Music video the pair became friends and quickly music collaborators when Paul called to Farah with some work in progress tunes, which Farah promptly jammed over with both Piano and Vocal lines, Paul got to refining and after a few sessions Loading was born. 


Tanoki says, “The song is a commentary on what we’re doing with technology and how it’s intersecting with our lives. As we lose what makes us human in exchange for the robotic, I want listeners to imagine the kind of lyrics that might come from an android, the cyborgs we’re becoming.” 


He goes on to say, “So much of music is now tech based, from how we interact with our collaborators to the sounds itself, music is now zeros and ones, it isn't tangibly real. Not necessarily in a bad way, it’s just a reflection of where we’re at.”

The song was recorded and produced in Geppetto Studios, Tanoki’s home studio in Kilkenny. 


“Loading” accompanies a music video shot and edited by Tanoki. He flexes his editing prowess to create an incredibly engaging visual experience. The video features animation, creative cuts and hypnotic visuals, and stars Stafford and Turlough Kelly dancing through darkened streets of Kilkenny.

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Tanoki - Loading (Cover Art).jpg

Album Credits:

Paul Mahon : Guitar / Bass / Synth / Keys / Produced / Mixed / Recorded / Programming / Arranged.

Farah Elle : Lyrics / Vocals / Keys
Colm O'Caoimh : Acoustic Guitar / Keys / Violin. 

Tay Edwards : Rap / Lyrics 


Additional Mixing :

Daithí O Dronaí (Towers Will Fall)

Gunsal H. Moreno (This Place We’re In, It has Begun, Ghost in the Machine, About)


Mastering :

Darragh Nolan


Thanks to:

Daithí O Dronaí, Gunsal H. Moreno, Leo Pearson, Marc Fernandez ,  Sean Corcoran, Ruairi Lynch, Darragh Nolan, John Doran, Zoe & Zelda Mahon Wong,