The Vinny Club - Grand Tech Noir Re-Opening

First live action Music Video, Starring myself as Vinny


Mother : Liz Mclaughlin

Extra filming : Emily O'Brien



I never once meet Vinny until years later after the video was made and he was playing a gig in Kilkenny with his band Adabisi Shanks. 


Originally posted to YouTube on September 12th 2006, however was stolen and reposted where it garnered much more responce and lead to over 165,000 views under the title "Nintendo Will Make Your Eyes go Square". That account was taken down a by Decemeber 2006 as all uploads were robbed. 


Most of the Square Eye editing took place in Airports/Planes/Buses and the final video was uploaded in a hotel room in Edmonton, Canada.


Only video I ever made in NTSC

2006 / Color / 4:3 / 480p / 02:11